About Us

Asya Eva Shoes Products was established in Tuzla, Istanbul. Started its production adventure with shoe and slipper soles. As a result of the studies carried out over the years, it added construction, automotive, white goods, health, promotion, sports equipment, and diving clothes to its customer portfolio.

Our company, which has adopted innovation, honesty and making quality product since its inception, aims to be a solution partner to all its customers in domestic and international markets with its continuously renewing structure and competitive prices in line with its ISO9001 Quality Assurance System.


To be a prominent brand in the world market by producing high quality products with a wide range of products.


To follow the latest technology to do what has not been done, to improve what has been done, to satisfy our customers and to ensure the continuity of our institution.

Our Basic Principles

Customer Orientation

With the awareness that our customers are our most valuable assets, it is our basic principle to offer them the highest quality products with the ”customer-specific service” approach.


Our understanding of honesty, which is among our indispensable values, is the way we are most sensitive to our customers as well as our teammates.

High Product Quality

We keep our quality and standards at the highest level by using the latest technology in production processes and continuous R & D studies.

Entrepreneurship and Leadership

We aim to be a pioneer in the sector and field with our innovative approach and bold initiatives.

Team Work

We know that our team members, one of our most valuable resources, are experts in their own fields and we support the aspirations of continuous improvement of this leadership through continuous training.